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Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"


i love tish game but how do you get artifact 19?


Really great! Everything is perfect... well, almost everything. I have encountered a glitch... actually, more of a bug, where the only thing I can change is my head and face, and where my hands don't stop changing, even in the game! Other than that, a supendousley amazing game which is better than most works of art!


This is easily one of the most fun and addicting games on the Web. I've been hooked on this game ever since I first started playing it, and this is very deserving of a rating.

INFINITE/5 *!!!!!!!!!!

Artifact 19

Can anyone verify killsnikkel's review?

I have all the achievements except Divine Powers and I haven't received Artifact 19.

Otherwise, really addicting game. :)

Thing-Thing returns in blood spattered glory

Thing-Thing for me has always been a great source of entertainment, especially the arena branch of the series. It is very addictive, and most importantly fun. The animation is quite well done. With the exception of the traditional character look everything is quite detailed, from the gore to the weaponry. It really is quite impressive. The blood splatters on the walls, the bodies that don't "decay" and the empty casings that remain all add to a sense of brutal carnage after playing for awhile. You can't go anywhere without wading through a pile of enemy corpses up to your waist.

The character customization is well done as always, and I am thankful for the inclusion of obvious female bodies. It's not anything big, but it makes the game just a tad more enjoyable for myself.

Music, isn't anything special in this game, but it really is just a background. It didn't bother me, but didn't stick out, which in the end only caused me to giggle in a disturbed manner as another head exploded. The sound effects however were quite well done in my opinion.

There being no story for this game made it easier to simply jump into the action, which is what this series is all about. Killing, and more killing. The points system and the over the top action make it enjoyable, and the medals give the player a goal to work towards besides just killing waves of enemies. Those in the end I think will make more people come back and play more to get more of the medals.

All in all, very enjoyable game. Really fun, I know I'll be back for more.