Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"


Cant stop playing! I actually really like this game. One of my favorite flash games to pass the time with.

This game is going to my favourites!

Its a great game, love the achievement system system!


I liked this game. It was fun and ran smoothly.
All the different weapons and blood made it really fun to play.
The medal system and this great game make a good combo.

I just love your Thing-things.

The entire series are great! You should actually make a movie!

Gameplay- It flows pretty nice, lags a little of a bit too much blood and gore, and taking cover made it lots better. You still have lots of glitches to fix though.

Story- You sitting, A bunch of people come at you, you drive away, and kill? What's up with that? Anyways, I don't care. It's still good.

Sounds- nice gun sounds. And explosions, and even gore flesh splitting sounds.

Bugs- Here are a few bugs I noticed.

1- Artifact 19 is not usable even when you unlock all the other achievements.

2- Feet are not changeable.

3- Flashing hands? Yeah. Go fix that some more.

Hope I help! Good Luck!

it was great

but i noticed a glitch where my hands would change every second but awesome game