Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"

No words to descirbe how awsome this is!!!

This game packs SO MUCH fun in it... well I've been playing for 5 hours and I've gotten almost all the medals... I need to get the "divine powers" medal... This game is so addictive... I'm going to get that medal now!!!

great game!

This game is so fun, and addicting! I got 8510 and 17th on todays highscores! The acievements are a bit hard thoguh, I only got 3 of them. Also, I died by a fatal wound in my little toe, wtaf??

man, this is hard!!!!!!!!!

man this is hard-but im almost done. i have only 5 medals left but i will complete them in 2 days. congrats me!

ow and...

thou get za artifact numbuh #19 one must ichieveh all ozar achievements< exzapting za first page> zat mans !)) kills vit every weapon< duals inluded!!!!!

ENGLISH: to get the number 19 artifact you must get all other achievements from page 2 to the last page, that meaning that you must score 100 kills with every weapon, duals included. so, its hard

What the hell?

GLITCH SPOTTED:Whenever I click, "Play!" the game gets cut off or in other words,you can only see 1/4 of the square screen. Please fix this! ~Jinthey-kun

RATING 10/10


but what is artifact 19?