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Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"

love this game

cant stop playing game must play argggggggggg nnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd to ppppllllllllaaaaaaaaaayyyy

SEe below

Totally Awesome! but wait, how come i cant change me clothes... and how do u get artifact 19?

repetitive after a while but awesome

this was a awesome and great game, and i loved it. i now even have it bookmarked on my browser.

however, the gameplay gets repetitive after a while because i see only so many types of weapons and enemys, although this is not a major problem at all because the sheer thrill of this shooter keeps me entertained.

i pwn(not)

gr8 game

but fix the hands:D


I just have a glitch where my hands are constantly changing, but I can't change anything else...