Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"

sheer awesomeness

dude you really made a great game
this is fun to play and very addicting

one great game!

I like the sounds, the music, the effects everything!
And i like the way that you put some coulers on the menu so we can change couler of something!
Great game!
I have been playing this game since i first played it!
Keep up the awsome work your diong!


Beautiful, amazing, etc. This game is simply addictive, small problem: when you throw a weapon that can be taken twice, keeping the weapon in question, with the same number of ball if we had two ( a Glock with 60 bullets for example). Thankfully, when you reload the weapon return to a normal charger

Ho, sorry if my english is bad


This is just a very well rounded game! Great audio, amazing splatter and muzzle flare effects, And a very wide selection of innovative and realistic weapons! All these aspects and more make this game addictive enough to get a crack addict to start selling off his stash to buy a computer so he can play this astounding game! Keep up the phenominal work!

its awesome!!!

i played it for hours!!
man then whole day lol
its cool
nice effects
and nice bullets sound