Reviews for "Thing-Thing Arena 3"

The Shizznit

what will Thing-Thing Arena 4 be called since its already taken by some idiot... GREAT GAME

Pure adrenalin!

That was great! It's very addicting. All I have to say is, thank you.

I love this game!

This game is so awesome, great everything except I can't seem to change the character.

Aw man...

Why'd you 'fix' the flashing hands? You took away part of the fun in having enemies generate random body pieces and made them all look the same, such as, all red, all white, all black, and all in uniform. The flashing hands and torso was something that added to the original randomized mayhem of it all.
If you didn't like the flashing hands, you could have just as easily gotten your precious medals and then played it on a different site with the 'fixed' version. The glitchy hands added to the uniqueness of it being here in the first place, and I for one loved the fact that SOMETHING wasn't so monotonous.
Anyone else remember the old days when games, such as TMNT Tournament Fighters, were released and each system had a completely different version? The same goes for sites.
It's still an excellent game, but I actually liked the hand malfunction.


great make more with a store and better NG medals ^^
only shooting with other weapons become boring

but still AWESOME