Reviews for "Saturday Morning Watchmen"

I am not into comics, but the watchman movie is one of the best superhero movies ever made. This is a good tribute to watchmen - in an alternate timeline where they don't have heavy ideological differences.

I thought this was a real thing when I was a kid haha :D

Now are the times I sit and think "What would Alan Moore think of this?"

oh man, i've seen this movie a long time ago, and its still awesome and enjoyable today, no matter how many years have passed.
i've gotta say, this was a perfect parody of watchmen; it is both beautifully drawn, with nicely drawn characters, good face expressions, flawless animation, good voice-acting, and its also full of MANY clever jokes+details, such as having ozymandias+bubastis existing as ''shaggy and scooby'' of the watchmen, the clever detail of rorsach being ''friends with the two german-shepherds'', showing rorsach's ''colourful butterfly'', (which was a sign of his post-mortem symbolism), showing rorsach saying ''no to drugs'' (the irony!), showing ozymandias helping the comedian from that fall, (spoilers!), and showing dr. manhattan's clones sleeping in bed after silk spectre is reading them a bedtime story, (good one!), those are some of the VERY clever, and great inside jokes of the whole ''watchmen'' madness.

i also loved the happy and cartoonish atmosphere that existed in the movie, while i also loved that cheesy ''saturday cartoon'' song: ''united together, friends forever, they are the watchmen!'' lalalala, dum di dum da, its the watchmen!

a very funny, nicely drawn, well-animated flawless movie.
i always liked it, and i will always love this great movie. excellent parody.
i would love to see a sequel/something similar to this in the future.

Well this was interesting

This was un expected the characters the animation was pretty good old like colors like old comic style and the audio was fantastic, it was all around a decent piece of work here.

Well could be longer maybe even go into some stories and whatnot.