Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

NIce and awsome game!

i love the improvement though its hard I love a challenge and the bodies stay there i love games where the bodies stay it makes it realistic And i love these strategie games make another one i might just pm tom fulp to put this front page PronTO!!


Only meant to try this out but I got hooked.

I don't even like this kind of game but i couldn't get off it!

And i hate spiders!

Brilliant job man, well done ;D

good game

Good game, but could have need some more surprises, espacially story wise. For example a team up with a small group of scorpions or something. Anyways for a free small flash game it is superb.

Man, killing those poor scorpions was sad.


wow man i love this game i ave played it on armorgames but the only thing i didnt like was wht u changed! now i can control the spiders ! great job!


its a very very great game but a little hard and to anybody that play this game theres no spider on this game its just TARANTULA and WIDOW tarantula look like spider the only that different about tarantula and spider is tarantula is bigger and have fur widow just like spider only it was a little bigger