Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

please respond

well......you should make it(if you do;) keep ALL evoulution upgrdes for intelligence.
good game though:)

OMG Tactically awesome

Gameplay sucks a little, but still
a tactically turn based game, and you used music from Fallout 2. Awesome. The only thing that would have been more awesome is if you added in a post-apocalyptic storyline.

good time passer, but def needs improvements...

for those who complain about difficulty, you just arent good at these types of games. the game is actually unbalanced against the scorpians. the AI is not super smart and the AI doesnt take enough advantage of its ranged units (until you are upon the base).

early in the last board, you must stay back and wait for them to come to you. gang up on units to finish them off. save your kills to build up intelligence, and get the splash damage ranged unit as soon as you can.

soon, youll be racking up kills on defensive. if enemy doesnt come, send a lure, then have him (or her lol) run back. once you have enough points, do ONLY splash ranged with one non splash (you wont have room for others). use this to kill enough enemies to max out all units/intel, etc and then approach the base slowly. as you get closer, suicide the splash units by having them fire at the base... due to splash, they hit UP TO FOUR AREAS OF BASE!!!

once that group is dead, the best tactic ive used is tank spider (that 420 life one), with four splash, and one of the super spider (the very last one to upgrade).... slowly approach center of field, then rush with tank and super spider and have range right behind. kamikaze range into base again until it is dead. doesnt take more than eight shots of range to destroy the base.

this game actually needs to be much harder. the only drawback is that once you max out all things, you cant use points for anything. that is wack.


Pretty cool game.

To any long time fans of the original Fallout series, you'll recognize the music right off the bat.

not fun

after a while it gets boring.i spent like a hour on level 2 killing hords of scorpins with posin and coming back around with double hitters to hit 2 posied at the same time then run away. the new feture rulz but the fact is there shouldnt be a max to how many u can control. its not fair cause the scorpins shoot out 2 each round along with the other 20 the alredy got out. i was winning but i couildnt get a troop close enuff to the attck the nest. still dont get how this is front page matireal its so boring not even itersting like chess or checkers i like the game but cant beat 2 fo crap