Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

This could use improvement

The concept of this game is great, but I think a lot can be improved. First of all, there are two annoying bugs:

1) if you click a spider to go somewhere and it walks below the mouse cursor, the info screen pops up. Annoying.
2) Sometimes if you click to attack a unit, the calculated path isn't ideal. E.g. the spider can attach the enemy by moving 1 square, but instead it tries to walk around a rock and can't reach it. Manually moving it to the correct spot and then attacking works though.

Then some gameplay issues:

-You keep getting evolution points that can't be used. It would be nice if you could do upgrades to stats of spiders with them
-You can't really control all that much spiders
-Allow playing with both sides, to use the enemy units :)
-The fixed amount of resources to spawn spiders per round is somewhat untactical. Make it so that you need to control spots to gain resources!
-The campaign is very short, and only in the very last level you can finally use all spider types. Also, apart from the new spider types, there isn't much difference between the campaign levels...

Overall, the concept is really good, I'm just saying, there are lots of possibilities to improve upon for a next version of the game!

good game

Good game, but could have need some more surprises, espacially story wise. For example a team up with a small group of scorpions or something. Anyways for a free small flash game it is superb.

Man, killing those poor scorpions was sad.

Fallout. And another decade passes us by.

I like the falloutesque feel of this game, what with its turn based strategy action, post-apocolyptic style, and the nostalgia goggle inducing music. The bad side is that this game feels too one-sided. Either you blindly rush and lose or you group up and drain out all the enemies resources and win. It doesn't feel like there is such a thing as a close match. You either rape or get raped. Also I'd like to see some real choice as far as the tech tree is concerned. Every level is pretty much composed of you maxing out everything you can unlock about half way through and then just beasting though it, all the while incalculable and more importanlty unusable evo points waste away. It just feels like the tech tree is underutilized. My final complaint would be that there needs to be some way to destinguish similar enemies on the que bar. Do I need to quickly wipe out the scorpion next to me before he attacks my crippled soldier or is his twin way back in the back about to scurry around a bit? I say give them all little names. Like Herbert. Or Bob. Or don't. Totally your call.

Um... 00poop7x...

WTF? A post-apocolyptic storyline? For a territory war between SPIDERS and SCORPIONS? I just don't see how the two go together.

Gameplay was too boring. I couldn't finish it. Very fun in the beginning, but just lost it's entertaining trance on me. Needs more strategy, such as buildings and a better way of gathering material besides killing and being killed.... etc, etc.


i'd rather play the real thing..

it is turn-based but not much strategy is needed..

like others said, a LOT of improvements must be done..