Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

Great classic game

It's a great game, it's balanced and fun to play.

Tactics are... Mwah ok. You can use them, or go "omg rush"

Regarding poison: ALL poison is leathal, since it blocks healing. Only the black scorpids' poison is weak. the poison from the green spiders/scorpions does 60 damage per turn for 10 turn = 600 hp gone + no healing = sure death for any spider/scorp. So make it last 1-2 rounds, cept with the spiders that have "leathal poison"in their tooltip.

Extra things, like being the scorpions are also fun to have.

Also, the black widow tooltip says it cant attack the same target more than once, but it does anyway, same with the black scorpid.

The graphics are good, and you can turn of the sound / music ^^;
Gameplay is great, just a tad unbalanced.
I enjoy these games you make, and I hope to see improvements in this one ^^;
You could even make this into a real game! (just not yet T_T free games ftw, even more so if they are as well made as these ^^;)

Keep up the good work, and try to get to these "bugs" and "glitches".

great dz2001

i love it this game damm favorite :D la la :D yeahh

sweet game but...

the critical hits are atomatic kills it sucks because the black scorpion does 1-5 dmg
and the spider crusher has 420 hp and when the crit happens it dies.
you should change that to doulble or triple damage
really good ame tho.
5/5 8/10

great game

I really liked playing the game its addicting but i really hate how the scorpions sometimes keep spawning like crazy.Every time i was about to surround their base like 3 of them spawned.I would of given it a 10 but i guess you did that to make the game a little harder.Good job by the way.


wow man i love this game i ave played it on armorgames but the only thing i didnt like was wht u changed! now i can control the spiders ! great job!