Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

not bad

Hey, I hear music from Fallout 2 game, from Vault City to be exact :D. And hey, I also hear even more things from Fallout 1 & 2, like sounds of dying rats and more. Do I also hear some sounds from Diablo 2?

Your game is quite nice, I like overall mechanics and stuff, graphics are really nice too, there are some nice ideas, but few improvements could be useful :P. Still there are not many good tactical strategy games on Newgrounds, so I'm happy to see your submission :].


I was gunna do the same thing except ants and bees/wasps lol o well... Great game, just seemed in some levels took too long to get from one base to another. Good UI and stuff too... maybe like more ranged though? kinda lot of melee.


pretty good game! but no offence but take quite some time for the spiders to find the base. and in the tutorials my spides kept on dieing! LOL maybe coz i suck! anyway great job :D

Very satifying!

A very good game from beginning to end.
I like strategy and turn based games, so this one gets my full support.
Redrail has some very interesting suggestions you should look into that too..
Anywho i loved it and hope to see more of this great stuff
5/5 10/10:)

Not bad

Though not much strategy at start of the tech tree. Some kind of multiple units selection & move would be nice(though not possible with the current ruleset , I guess ^^).

Fallout's music is awesome, yes - but using it in a game with ads and sponsorship? That's not nice, is it?