Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

Just a few wrinkles...

...But otherwise this is fantastic. This game has a very solid base but lacks a few perfections. I truly hope that there is a sequel with unti upgrades and more balanced units. Perhaps have certain units that specialize at killing other specific units (i.e. poison-immune spiders to kill black widow scorpions etc.).
You've made a great game, don't let this one fall by the wayside!

Good, but the pathfinding is flawed

This is a pretty solid game. My main complain is the pathfinding. Oftentimes I'll target an enemy and the game claims I have to walk a really long path to get to it. However, it's quite clear there's a much shorter path, and, in fact, if I move square-by-square, I can walk that shorter path. However, if the game is going to have pathfinding at all, it should have optimal pathfinding (which is easy in a game like this). It's also a little weird that you can attack diagonally, but not move diagonally. Oh, and in the later rounds, I really didn't find a use for anything besides the blue spiders (I think; the melee ones that cost 2 control points) and the ranged+splash spiders. Everything else was either too expensive for its utility or too weak for its control points.

Awesome game. I can't stop playing it!

Everything about this game is top notch! there is only two things i see that could be improved: 1) offer some sort of upgrade for your spider minions, and 2) make some sort of achievement system. Like, you should get certain medals for doing certain things. Overall though, this is by far, one of the greatest games I've ever played on Newgrounds. Please make more.


Overall I like it, but once you figure out how the enemy acts, it becomes very easy even in hard mode. You should improve the AI. Preferably by much in the hardest difficulty. You should also get someone to do you sound effects so you don't have to take them from other games. You did make sure you're allowed to use that music, right?

hint for those who have problems: keep your spiders together. That way, when you first contact the enemy you can attack its one or two units who come close enough to attack with multiple units and destroy them. Eventually the enemy will run out of scorpions.

Very, Very fun

Listen, Spiders really creep me out... in fact... most bugs disgust me. But I have to give you big props bro! You made a game which Even thought the theme is disgusting to me, you made a game which I could enjoy and in fact, get right into. I spent a fair amount of my time this morning having buggies attack eachother in a great turn based game, dare I say, one of if not the best turn based game on Newgrounds.

Graphics awesome, sound was good. gameplay was smooth and entertaining. You did an excellent job of bringing a Command and Conquer type game into Newgrounds. Big Props for you making an excellent quality game!

Also Props to you in helping me overcome my fear of buggies... lol. Cheers!