Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

very fun

very creative and fun game mann, keep up the good work :]


Sorry, didn't play the game, seemed a little to hard to understand at 3 AM :P

But a good 10/10 for the FALLOUT music !


You know, I don't think there are six-foot-long scorpions anyways, and what's this, I think this is a game!

Overall very good game, keep up the good work and keep publishing version 1.5's of things! Because they rock! XD

needs a little biology work

everything was good, except that the biology needs a bit of work. Smaller scorpions carry deadlier venom than the big ones, and the poison scorpions were fucking huge. And does anyone know how to get more spawnpoints per turn?


this game effects is nice.but it is too boring.