Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"


please make arachnid wars 2. i also think the difficulty curve of this one is spot on. keep it up man

Arachnid Wars 1.5

Nice little strat game, just wish the Exp points would come with with time on field not with amount killed.

good game

good game. spiders move kinda funny when you get near the base. takes a little to long to get through a level, buy all in all good

good but

something needs to change good game but i made it to round 278 befor finishing the first leval it was kinda gettin on my nerves but other then that good shit


CREATIVE ORIGINAL ! I'm afraid of spiders! and getting to be spiders ina game?
that's original. i've never played as a spider before!

MAKE MORE! let me know if part 2 comes out or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great! very fun! i keep coming back to play this! lovely!
what's next?!

what if it's like your spiders, but then you're versing other insects. like flies, beeds, etc. t hat would be fun. put a whole new world/spin to this world.

great job!
let me know if you're plannign to make anotehr!!!!!!!!!!!