Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

not cool

the new version isnt as good as the other one this one takes way too much time and is too complicated for the casual gamer. still a good idea though and gameplay was smooth 8/10

dz2001 responds:

Its actually sad that I'm forced to CARE what 'casual player' would think of my games. I'm forced since making games bring me money now and I need the majority to like my games to make good cash.

I remember good old times when I earned nothing with my games... I could tell 'casual players' to go fuck themselves and feel good about it :P I wasn't very good at programming back then though, couldn't make a game I really wanted to make, being limited by poor skills...

nothing really big from last game

all you did was modify it so you can move all units and not worth a new game link when you could had just updated the other version here...

dz2001 responds:

go away

Hard Game.

I don't understand it all that well.

I miss the global command button

I understand why you changed the controls, but the way you implemented it now makes the game very cumbersome.

You can't give any units any "ongoing" or "persistent" commands. In most strategy games, when you give a unit a command, it will keep doing it until given a new command or a situation change has rendered the old command null. For example you tell a unit to go attack some enemy unit. In many strategy games, the unit will automatically spend its subsequent turns traveling to the enemy unit and attack without further instruction from the player. The way your controls work, you have to micromanage each of your units and you have to input new orders each turn.

Individual unit control is a great thing, but not when it completely replaces persistent orders.

dz2001 responds:

I could merge both control methods. Allow player to either set any unit on autopilot or control it manually. Its a good idea for AW2.

The thing is there probably wont be AW2, it didnt score as high as I expected so I'm not planning on making a sequel.

My next game will be based on the same engine though. Its going to be an RPG.

definitely an improvement

I just wish that all spiders either did less damage or had more health. Battles seem so short with guys dying after two hits.

dz2001 responds:

Most people would find that boring.