Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"


I would have prefered a less tedious way to move spiders like in the original Arachnid Wars but it is still a good challenging game with great graphics.


1. why are the spiders are fighting with the scorpion? (make a story)
2. what is the use of exp?

don't make the evolution/spider is fixed in campain( my spelling is not good XP)
i mean the evolution of spider, like in tutorial, you can only pick the lousiest spider and blue spider, make it you could pick all...

good graphic
very challenging
could use as pass time

5/5 9/10 95/100


it's a really good game and it's decent, but it's so fucking LONG!!! i went through 75 rounds, killed over 70 enemies and i still wasen't able to destroy the other teams base.


awesome but, I suck at it and really can't play it but, it's awesome

good and can you please make a new spider wars lol

the difficulty is high even where playing on easy lol and can you make an opinion
to change sides.