Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

good but...

the game is to slow even wiht the faster thing its too slow.the upgrade are too long to reach. but its not a bad game in all


I found it quite a good game and i liked the strategy part to it. I found the game a bit annoying and boring after a while and it just became a stalemate; nobody could win. I got too bored especially with the extra units being locked. I thought it was a really good game overall though and i enjoyed it at first.


Only meant to try this out but I got hooked.

I don't even like this kind of game but i couldn't get off it!

And i hate spiders!

Brilliant job man, well done ;D

Slow, boring and anything but intuitive

I found this game painfully slow. You can only control one unit at a time, which just slows this game down like CRAZY!

I couldn't be bothered to play past the first mission.

This game seems a bit confused, and could do with some rethinking. Also a much faster way of moving between your own spiders. i.e. when you click on one you should be able to command it, or at least queue up a command rather than seeing some pointless stats about it!

I leave this game feeling frustrated.

NIce and awsome game!

i love the improvement though its hard I love a challenge and the bodies stay there i love games where the bodies stay it makes it realistic And i love these strategie games make another one i might just pm tom fulp to put this front page PronTO!!