Reviews for "Arachnid Wars 1.5"

Addictive, but needs improvement.

I enjoyed this game quite a bit, but I think it could use a bit of refinement for arachnid wars 1.6. For example, it could use more explanation of the story and the reason the spiders and scorpions are fighting, and maybe do something to stop these annoying stalemates that kept happening. As well, it would improve the game to maybe add some buildings to build, and a more complex evolution system (i.e. being able to upgrade attack and defense for units or unlocking new abilities for them). Furthermore, I think the game could use larger maps. All in all, a good game.

Lotsa fun!

I really enjoy playing this game. The resource system is easy to learn and only a little frustrating to manage, the two forces are pretty balanced, and the game is challenging without being frustrating. Two suggestions for when/if there's an update for this game:
First, make it so allied scorpions or spiders can walk over each other so there aren't as many "traffic jams." I don't know about the other players but I get my guys stuck in jams all the time and it can be pretty annoying to fix the jam.
Second: is there something we can do with the extra evolution points we get? I always wind up with a ton and it seems like such a waste to have them just sitting there... Maybe we could spend them as one-turn control point boosts or some kind of healing ability?

Alright, work with me here

Yes, I'm giving a seven. The game is classic chess with your powerful melee and artillery pieces. My problem is the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere. I can't heal my front line units and if I pull back, the enemy gains ground and has superior attacks to my own. And this is on the first stage!

I understand the need to lock some units away but if the first stage was any indicator, what's to keep me going at playing this?

Even though I maxed out my attributes in the first stage, the scorpions could STILL crank out units as compared to mine. >:( As well, even though the maps are only so large, the units themselves take so long to get up to the battlefield, keeping me frustrated as I watch myself lose yet another poison spider or double melee fighter.

Might I suggest maybe adding two ranks to all spider moves to get them there quicker?

All in all, it's not bad, it just leaves a few extras to be desired. But thank you, THANK YOU for making it player controlled from the first iteration. That was a welcome addition. :)


It has a tendency to drag on without much really happening, and the soundtrack stolen from Fallout doesn't exactly help the pacing.

good game

but lacking some sense. 1, y would scorpians attack spiders and 2, y would only the spiders have a "mastermind(the queen)" and the scorpians not have a "mastermind"?