Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"

so close

Reminds me of uplink, which is cool.

OK for those looking to waste 5 mins, forget this game. It needs time and concentration. And read the emails. they explain most of it.

I came so close, i broke their firewalls, got access to their hard drive, downloaded their password, unscrambled their password... and then i got stuck. What do i do with the 6 digit code that u derive with the brute forcer? I take it its not the actual PW because it wont start the format on the other comps. How do i use this code to get the actual PW??? this is the part i just cant work out

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry it isn't clearer, the 6 digit code is the "encryption key", if you've managed to find it with the brute forcer then the file is decrypted. If you double click on the file its contents are printed in the console, if its a load of rubbish like "~{}_-¬[];<>/" then it's encrypted, and if it's numbers and letters, it's decrypted.

So to clarify, once the brute forcer has got all 6 numbers, the file is decrypted and ready to read the password. Thanks for playing! =)

Loved the concept but difficulty?

I can give it a 7 since I like the whole hacker game concept.
The set up was quite nice and the storyline was at least there compared to other games we've got up here.

However what hit me the hardest was the difficulty scaling...just to hack a firewall you'd have to do this moving cursor maze which was really really hard. I'll admit I never got passed that part but it was so infuriatingly hard I just gave up.

Could you possible make it so there are several levels of difficulty? Like a maybe a Firewall scanner that tells you how hard their firewalls will be to crack?

spectre1989 responds:

Sorry about that difficulty curve, hopefully I'll give this game another go and make it a bit easier or have multiple difficulty levels.

Fun, and difficult

This is a amasing game, i like it very much, but you get a kind of emty feeling when you win it, just.. done, and i do not take very long to win, so i will like to suggest to make i longere and perhaps make the port thing easyer, at is it the only tihing I hvae truble with. Maybe do something so you know when you are at an enemys computer, because i was often confused, was I on my own or his?

But other then that amasing.

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks! :-)

Yeah that port monitor program was pretty evil in hindsight! >_<

partition locator thing is confusing

I really had trouble getting though to the partition locator.It seems too hard to play...

spectre1989 responds:

Ah just keep clicking round the edges until you find the first block, after that it's easy.

Lots of potential

I like the idea, and the stuff that worked was cool, but getting a port was just way too hard.

spectre1989 responds:

Sorry about that, I admit the difficulty is a bit much at times. It's not so bad when you get used to it, but I understand that people generally don't want to "stick with" a flash game until they get over the difficulty curve, not really "casual gaming".. Glad you think it has potential though =)