Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"

Very Nice!!

Reminds me a lot of Uplink, though this one is actually a CHALLENGE! lol
Very nice work on the animations as well.. Never found a flaw in the design. The music fit well into the gameplay, which is always a plus.
For those of you getting stuck.
Step 1 : Scan IP's
Step 2 : Click on an enemy and click the Firewall Disable thing.
Step 3 : After Firewall is down, Monitor the connection and get your port.
Step 4 : Re-Partition their Hard Drive
Step 5 : Access the machine and take the pass.txt file
Step 6 : Open Brute Force and Decrypt the file you just downloaded
Step 7 : After you have correctly decrypted the file, close Brute Force, Open your Files\Download folder, and double-click the file you decrypted. This will give you the password on the left hand side.
Step 8 : Re-establish connection with the machine you took it from.
Step 9 : Click the Format Hard-Drive button in the bottom-right corner, and enter their password.
Step 10 : You should get 2 points for starting the format. Go and upgrade your software!

The way I see it, if I'm getting notification that my firewall is hacked... So will they. Always bring your firewall up after it goes down.

The emails will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, that's how I figured it out... Good luck!

spectre1989 responds:

Wow, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the quick tutorial too =)

Lots of potential

I like the idea, and the stuff that worked was cool, but getting a port was just way too hard.

spectre1989 responds:

Sorry about that, I admit the difficulty is a bit much at times. It's not so bad when you get used to it, but I understand that people generally don't want to "stick with" a flash game until they get over the difficulty curve, not really "casual gaming".. Glad you think it has potential though =)

so close

Reminds me of uplink, which is cool.

OK for those looking to waste 5 mins, forget this game. It needs time and concentration. And read the emails. they explain most of it.

I came so close, i broke their firewalls, got access to their hard drive, downloaded their password, unscrambled their password... and then i got stuck. What do i do with the 6 digit code that u derive with the brute forcer? I take it its not the actual PW because it wont start the format on the other comps. How do i use this code to get the actual PW??? this is the part i just cant work out

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry it isn't clearer, the 6 digit code is the "encryption key", if you've managed to find it with the brute forcer then the file is decrypted. If you double click on the file its contents are printed in the console, if its a load of rubbish like "~{}_-¬[];<>/" then it's encrypted, and if it's numbers and letters, it's decrypted.

So to clarify, once the brute forcer has got all 6 numbers, the file is decrypted and ready to read the password. Thanks for playing! =)

flash uplink

I didn't play this game for more than a few minutes, because it reminded me too much of uplink. I hated uplink, so I wasn't crazy about this.

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks for that. It will probably sound funny, but I actually started sunrise with the ambition of "righting the wrongs" of Uplink, and correcting the things I though Uplink did wrong, guess that went a bit tits up!

very nice!

This is one of the few original ideas ive seen lately, and it's not poorly constructed, either. I will admit, it has a bit of a learning curve and lacks replay value, but while it's good, it's really good. Keep up the good work.

spectre1989 responds:

Glad you got some fun out of the game =)

And sorry about the learning curve!