Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"

good game :)

It's a good game..but I think it could be better...how ?... well..crat a lobby part and make it a interactive multiplayer game ^^

spectre1989 responds:

Hehe funnily enough that was actually the original idea which is why the game plays in the way that it does. In the end it was taking so long to make I decided to just finish the single player mode and leave it there. =(

Fun, and difficult

This is a amasing game, i like it very much, but you get a kind of emty feeling when you win it, just.. done, and i do not take very long to win, so i will like to suggest to make i longere and perhaps make the port thing easyer, at is it the only tihing I hvae truble with. Maybe do something so you know when you are at an enemys computer, because i was often confused, was I on my own or his?

But other then that amasing.

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks! :-)

Yeah that port monitor program was pretty evil in hindsight! >_<


Very cool :D

spectre1989 responds:

Glad you enjoyed =)


I'm always up for hacking games, but it seems to be broken. There's a login prompt, but I have no idea what the login is. I didn't see it on the loading screen and it's not listed in the NG description.

spectre1989 responds:

Eep, at the login screen all you do is enter your name and click login, it's just a fancy way of asking the players name. Sorry it wasn't very clear!

Loved the concept but difficulty?

I can give it a 7 since I like the whole hacker game concept.
The set up was quite nice and the storyline was at least there compared to other games we've got up here.

However what hit me the hardest was the difficulty scaling...just to hack a firewall you'd have to do this moving cursor maze which was really really hard. I'll admit I never got passed that part but it was so infuriatingly hard I just gave up.

Could you possible make it so there are several levels of difficulty? Like a maybe a Firewall scanner that tells you how hard their firewalls will be to crack?

spectre1989 responds:

Sorry about that difficulty curve, hopefully I'll give this game another go and make it a bit easier or have multiple difficulty levels.