Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"

This isnt faved...

This thing is SO AWESOME!
Make MORE, if possible multiplayer and more tools.
And, maybe have both the "tournament" and a story mode about hacking people and getting files and stuff.
TOTALLY awesome.


spectre1989 responds:

Much appreciated :)

I really do want to make a sequel, which would be more based on a story mode like you described. Not sure it would be flash though, maybe a regular PC executable... Ah who knows..

Anyways, thanks for playing and commenting :)


but i cant hack a partitioner

spectre1989 responds:

If you have any issues with any particular part the video tutorial will probably help, it can be tricky to describe how to do something without showing it directly :-)

can figure out how to change the numbers

i can't change the numbers in the encrypter or the decrypter what's up with that

spectre1989 responds:

Click and drag each number up or down. It's all explained in the emails, remember to read them.

partition locator thing is confusing

I really had trouble getting though to the partition locator.It seems too hard to play...

spectre1989 responds:

Ah just keep clicking round the edges until you find the first block, after that it's easy.


How do i win this game? I don't really know how to hack the other guys computer or what it is. Plzz help.

spectre1989 responds:

Read the emails section, they explain everything. To summarise:

Scan IPs and pick a target
Hack firewall
Find an open port
Run partition locator on their hard drive
connect to them with the hijacker
find their password file and download it
Brute force the encryption and open the file
use the password to format their hard drive using the hijacker
Use the points you get for this to upgrade your software, and do it all over again until you win/lose :)