Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"


It takes some time to get the hang of it but once you do this game is a lot of fun.

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks! :)


this game totaly sucks, im in the middle of hacking someones computer and then it says files ar being deleted from my hard drive nand when they are all gone it says i was defeated by myself

spectre1989 responds:

Hahaha, you're hacking yourself xD


I just simply.... LOVED... this game... My relative know a hacker and he said he could make me a hacker and i dont know why im saying this out loud so ssshh ssshh!! This just made me want to become a hacker!!
The GAME however: It was too easy and the oppenents died too fast i didnt even get to kill them, lol, so i just killed two of them and won :)
You should REALLY make this a multiplayer game!!! That would be awesome!

spectre1989 responds:

Hehe glad you enjoyed it, multiplayer was my original idea but that went out of the window given the colossal amount of time the game took to make, so I just left things at bots. I plan on making a sequel though not in flash, as well as a spin off as an experiment for console homebrew.

As for becoming a hacker, there's really nothing wrong with that as long as you stay on the right side of the law (aka a white hat hacker), which incidentally is nothing like what this game is portraying! There are some websites out there that have hacking information and excercises, such as web hacking tutorial sites like hackthissite and enigmagroup. For proper hacking though there is a certification for ethical hacking by EC-Council called "Certified Ethical Hacker" http://www.eccouncil.org/ceh.htm which I believe includes a DVD with teaching materials on it, I haven't seen it myself but I hear good things.

good game!

but it's a little to hard for me i fail in the first opponent! i saw the tutorial 2 times

spectre1989 responds:

It takes some getting used to, sorry about that difficulty curve :)


A great game. Completed after some time, won even though I only took down 2 computers. Importantly I think I'd enjoy playing a second or even third time even though I've completed it.

spectre1989 responds:

Thanks muchly :)

Always makes it more than worthwhile to hear people have enjoyed it :)