Reviews for "Sunrise Hackathon"

very good

the only thing i found that i didn't like was it was virtually impossible to learn this without a long period of guessing while hoping for the best a somewhat guided tutorial for a more complicated game like this would be a very useful addition


my brain exploded in the midst of learning how to play this but it was AWESOME. make a player vs player or online mode of this and you'll get frontpage for sure!!!!!

spectre1989 responds:

hehe, it's on my to do list!


the link doesnt work it says 404 item not found


hard to learn gameplay (to say the least) but I beat it! o and I liked how some opponents had other opponents passes and we could download them for ourselves and delete it on there hard drive very fun! P.S. good thing I know how to copy paste with keyboard so I could format them (I REALLY liked that cuz I formated my last opponent with an decrypted code that was on an enemies hardrive) >=^O.... o and a quick question when I encrypt something twice do they have to decrypt it twice or am I just wasteing my time....? tip (for teh noobs): when yor firewallz breached dissconnect or reboot firewall (recommend disconnect+reboot firewall) and for christsakes encrypt your pass!

spectre1989 responds:

Cheers man =) As it happens I think there's a bug that if you encrypt something twice you will essentially lose the data forever, I might have fixed that before release though.. I can't remember..

looks really beasty and I want to play it...

but i have no idea how. PLEEZE HELP ME!

spectre1989 responds:

Aw just watch the tutorial video, and if you still don't get it then give the emails a read through, you'll get it, it's really not that complicated once you get your head round it.