Reviews for "Hard Love"


W-well (sniff) that's what you get for- for.... (whimpers) (tries to hold it in) For loviiiiiiiinng... (totally breaks down) Poor wittle turtle! ToT


It was touching and heartfelt, the simplicity of the story and characters really helps get the idea across. Also the rock makes an outstanding hyperbole of a person who doesn't return affection, some one very cold, like stone!

I Congratulate You!

Simple but beautiful

At first I went into it as it being funny that a turtle had fallen in love with a rock but the song and ending made it seem sadder that the rock couldn't love him back.

Somehow it hit me at a deep level I've never seen a flash do before, I actually shed a little tear.

Very touching

I really liked that. Well done.


Awww,it was so cute, I actually almost cried