Reviews for "Hard Love"


It's the same sort of animation you've used before in previous movies. I ain't saying that's good or bad, but just sayin' the obvious. Most will either criticize or praise for this, but I'll do neither since each is easy. I will say that it's an emotional bit of work you've done and is unexpected from a guy who makes some very good and funny pieces. It's defintely a cutesy concept and kinda tugs the heartstrings, but I can't say I've had the pleasure of being so moved as others have or will by this. As always, I look to seeing what you're gonna do next and hope to see something new in a league with this. Although if it's something we've already seen, I'll still watch regardless.

Very nice

I haven't seen any of your work since The Hobbit Act 1, and sadly I haven't really enjoyed any them past 2004. It probably comes down to your refusal to move away from tweening and your past inability to do anything other than parody.

That said, I felt this piece was very well-done and emotionally touching. Your style worked incredibly well with the simple story and the music itself. It's too bad you're down with being Legendary Frog, because I'd love to see more of this from you. (That is, creativity.)

At least it's very fitting as your last published work here.

sad. :(

any ideas in work for up coming flashes?


That was really sad

I can relate...

I know what it's like to love someone who can never love you back. This is tragic and beautiful.