Reviews for "Hard Love"

A nice little distraction...

Everyone needs a good simple story every now and then. You've gotten the plot across perfectly, the animations are consistent throughout the whole thing, and it kinda reminds me of a short Pixar film for some reason.

I hope that's what you where going for, because you pulled it off nicely. I'm glad to see the Tween-Master submitting things again... and it's awesome that you are going through new and fresh ideas!

Very nice, so sad but adorable

This is really amazing work, I love all your work and this is no exception. But I will say its very different from your other work.
Very smooth animation, the song was amazing, and despite being a short video I think the story was very well done.
Keep up the excellent work, can't wait for your next video.


that was sooo sad....it was very cute though

good animation, sound, and idea though. you lost 1 star for the sad factor, but you got my 5. i dont really like sad things, so you wouldve gotten a 10 if it had a happy ending or something.


...that really touched me in the bottom of my depresiveness... really cool man... nothing more to say


Sad...and pohetic....and I love tutles!