Reviews for "an39 - New Aquarium"

Illuminati style:P

I don't know why, but man, that's awesome...Those kind of flash are...not getting people stupid:O

Rutger responds:

Haha, thanks man. Yeah, I guess you have to think about it (:


yeah i really love your style, it was short but very engaging. more flash like this, definitely, yeah I just really like it alot.

Rutger responds:

Awesome, thanks :3

Very intriguing

That was quite the interesting flash that i could sit back,chill and enjoy with the great trippy animation along with the echoing song that was cool as well,overall this was a true wonder and i am shocked that it was only 200KB,regardless you still deserve a 10.

Rutger responds:

Ha, I'm glad you liked it :3

one word

amazing but just hope no cab drivers see this lol =)

Rutger responds:

thanks man :3

I like this

But I like this for different reasons that I usually like flash animations for...
It was entertaining and really interesting. I'd like to know more about the audio... and the name of the song.

Rutger responds:

The song is New Aquarium, by Busdriver, and he used samples of Repo Man.