Reviews for "an39 - New Aquarium"

Illuminati style:P

I don't know why, but man, that's awesome...Those kind of flash are...not getting people stupid:O

Rutger responds:

Haha, thanks man. Yeah, I guess you have to think about it (:

not too shabby...

pretty friggen good for a spur of the moment project ^^ ill be waiting for your next projects.....

Rutger responds:

Awesome dude!

I'm not sure

I'm not sure exacly what I just saw or why I saw it. I liked it tho, intresting, spoken straight from your mind I'm guessing, well keep up tht style but improve a bit.

Rutger responds:

Uhm, it was kind of a short thingie I did. Not really a big project, if you want longer and more detailed stuff check my other animations :D

nice job!

thats a really cool art style dude, where did the audio come from? another thing, good work and keep it up!

Rutger responds:

The audio is by busdriver :3

Thanks man

Weird stuff.

WELL that was a load of bullcrap...

really bullcrap.

but it was nicely animated, but still
its bullcrap o.O

try to make something... useful or something? idk, this was just weird.

Rutger responds: