Reviews for "an39 - New Aquarium"

one word

amazing but just hope no cab drivers see this lol =)

Rutger responds:

thanks man :3


Good animation, good audio, nice and trippy. I think it does exactly what you wanted it to do.

For anyone interested, the voice is Miller from the movie "Repo Man" (1984). One of my favourite movies. Though the quote is actually "the Mayans invented television", not "the minds invented television." Even trippier that way, no?

Freemasons rule the world, bra.

Rutger responds:

Yeah dude. Ahh, I already found it weird why there weren't any lyrics lol, so I had to do it by listening... q:

Thanks a lot :D

Very Profound...

This is very artistic and profound. I've a lot of your work and that's quite an inspiration you get. Props to you.

Rutger responds:

Thanks dude :3

Very intriguing

That was quite the interesting flash that i could sit back,chill and enjoy with the great trippy animation along with the echoing song that was cool as well,overall this was a true wonder and i am shocked that it was only 200KB,regardless you still deserve a 10.

Rutger responds:

Ha, I'm glad you liked it :3


yeah i really love your style, it was short but very engaging. more flash like this, definitely, yeah I just really like it alot.

Rutger responds:

Awesome, thanks :3