Reviews for "Stop That Balloon"

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This game's nice Target Practice!
Though quite simple, gameplay is pretty addictive and fun!
I also loved how you played around with level creating , having very different challenges each time. The bonus point system was a good idea as well.
As others have said - it's a bit troublesome to guess where the balloons are.
Keep the scrolling option 'cus it definitely adds to gameplay, but adding a minimap like you offered or perhaps just adding colored arrows which pop up at the sides of the screen to show where balloons might be?

A thought - why not add an endless mode were balloons keep popping up? You lose when...too many balloons fly away or something.
Try and playing around with the format - you have a great idea in your hands - but see if there are other ways to present it than simply by levels - having different modes would definitely add gameplay value!

Thanks for the game and hope to see more from you soonsest!

Simple game.

Simple games can be good. Unfortunately, this game suffers from the issue of you having to scroll all over just in 'hopes' of finding the balloons. Considering each missed balloon knocks you off by 200 points, that's a pretty major issue. especially as you have no idea of knowing where they're going to be appearing.

velgajski1 responds:

Yes, there heave been some people complaining about that on kongregate too. Maybe I'll make a remake where everything is smaller and fits the screen, or add a mini-map to this one.

ok but could be better

pretty good 50 50 i gave u a vote of five in this and the blam spot


meh, you click the ballons they pop. a mini-map would be nice