Reviews for "Reservations for None!"


I've watched your stuff before and I remember complaining about the voice acting. This time it was perfect! I loved this piece, and even the artwork seems more cleaned up. Excellent work!

punbeard81 responds:

Good, Good. I'll cross your name off "the list." Thanks for watching, and thanks for honesty.

correcting the guy below me. pianogod.

the phrase is "And dont let me catch you inside......" not " Ken, Dont let me catch..." so he was right on. awesome flash man. im bummed youdidnt make it cause im sure they would have put it in for sure. great flash. moderate racism almost always gives a chuckle.

punbeard81 responds:

Hip Hip for racism.


lol cry me a trail of tears, b*tch!


Short, funny, and was quite unique. Loved the animation couldn't imagine it any better. Great work.

Very Very

Nicely Done :D