Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

"You Win!...PERFECT!"

This was by far the best thing i've seen all day, the only problem is it should have been longer other then that it was perfect. Great job!

punbeard81 responds:

Yeah, just not enough time in the day to make it longer. I may come back to it if enough people like it. Good subject line.

but I was just! to bad bitch.

Funny hope for more from you but make them longer, like you could have made a whole little fight with spoffed moves which would have been great. but until next time I guess er if you do another street fighter spoof. still 8/10 4/5

How thats for Irony lol

This is a pretty good flash, and it looked liked it would have been great in the collab, too bad it didn't make it in time, still it will stand out ^_^. and to the idiots that say "this is too short" READ THE COMMENTS!, I mean really, he puts it up there and you all still complain about it being too short, It was meant to be in a collab, and it had a time limit. lol

punbeard81 responds:



I about pissed myself watching this.

punbeard81 responds:

Great! Here's some new pants.


lol aweosme proves T-hawk is da man but hate vs him