Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

Epic win!

I understand what you were saying in the "Author's Comments" box; but I'm going to say I wish it were longer anyway because it was so good! And I loved the song at the end!!!

punbeard81 responds:

Look up
Orlando Riva Sound - Indian Reservation (1979)
on Youtube and you can see the awesome video that goes with it. I've never seen a head dress look so hot. Also it's delightfully corny.

haha i felt it...

i felt the irony of this flash

That was too awesome.

Considering it's rare enough to see a Street Fighter parody let alone a one without sprites it was awesome already,the character designs we're outstanding as was the voice acting and the fact that it stared T.Hawk owning a casino was a total twist and a great plot for the flash,excellent work dude i wish you the best on the contest.

Totall awesome!!!

I thought this was the shit! I loved the animation quality and style. The voices were funny and well done. Keep up the good work man - 30 seconds or not, I loved this cartoon!


LOL sooo funny XD