Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

Well done

This has alot of potential to be made into a series, i mean you really have hit the mark in terms of humour and i think that this idea could be developed to form several more shorts. Loved the voice acting!


Short? So what.

I still got a good kick out of seeing the characters and the hokey classic sound effects. I'd actually like to see some of the others; even if they're less known...like blanka or cammy.

I would put him where actual pit bosses are set up in the next one. Cracking down on the craps table. Maybe.

Shame this didn't get in.

It would've been perfect for the collab due to the lack of T-hawk in there. This was great otherwise, Loved it Two thumbs up!

Great, But Much Too Short

This is a great depiction of the Street Fighter Character, however it was much too short. That is why I only gave 7 out of 10.

funny but short

its funny and short, sums it it up pretty nice, videos is like 30 sec long i think

punbeard81 responds:

Really? A six? I can't understand why I get marked down just because I don't want to spend hours of my life entertaining people I don't know. I enjoy not having to watch a bunch of crap over two minutes. Rough homes.