Reviews for "Reservations for None!"


Nice use there pal. I especially liked the ending.

"Cry me a Trail of Tears, bitch!"

That made me lol.

Great work

This is great stuff, if the characters from sf2 had a voice this is exactly what theyd sound like and what they would be doing in their spare time.


Too bad

Shame it didn't make it in the collab, it was a great 30 seconds of my time. You know to have something good when something that was intended for a collab can stand out on its own.

It may be short, but honestly, who cares when it's this good?

Comedic Gold

This was a hilarious, my only small complaint to the fantastic work you've produced was how short it was. It was a still a very solid and comical piece of work and I thank you for it.


Never liked the fellow, but strangely I kicked everyones ass with the big guy, anyways shame you couldn't make it in time, cause this would totally have been a great addition.