Reviews for "Reservations for None!"


lmao he's a character that most people won't even care about
and u make him so badass XD
great job ^_^


I know you already pointed this out but yeah it was waay too short, it was hilarious for the time it was on but it ended way to suddenly so thats why I gave 9/10 but I still gave it a 5 for votes

A Shame

Real shame you couldn't get this done in time, it would have easily made it into the collaboration.

Character detail was fantastic, and you managed to squeeze a fair amount of humour considering the length.

An enjoyable watch.

short but sweet

great animation and funny.

punbeard81 responds:

Your icon is adorable. Thanks

For Shiva's Sake!

Really funny and interesting how you make T. Hawk a stereotypical Indian casino owner.