Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

Epic win!

I understand what you were saying in the "Author's Comments" box; but I'm going to say I wish it were longer anyway because it was so good! And I loved the song at the end!!!

punbeard81 responds:

Look up
Orlando Riva Sound - Indian Reservation (1979)
on Youtube and you can see the awesome video that goes with it. I've never seen a head dress look so hot. Also it's delightfully corny.

Pure awesomeness

Dude this is one of the only flashes I've given such a high score recently! So nostalgic to see those fighters again. There's never enough of these.

You parodied T-Hawk so so well, even his special move, which was just awesome. The animation's smooth, and your drawings were so nice in depicting all the little details. Couldn't help but crack up at how you depicted Guile and Dhalsim, great work! It's a shame you couldn't include a few more guys, I'd have loved to see E Honda or Blanka or something, they woulda really seemed out of place in the casino.

punbeard81 responds:

Originally he beat up E-Honda who was being all fat and holding an entire chicken, but I thought the idea of a chain smoking Dhalsim was funnier. Thanks for the review.

Very Awesome

I liked the artwork very much and the fact that you adding racist jokes into your animation (it was tasteful and in good humor). Hope you make more similar flashes in the near future. It would really be a nice change of pace.

punbeard81 responds:

If you check out my other work you can see a Metal Gear spoof I did that was also tragically too late for the collab.