Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

haha i felt it...

i felt the irony of this flash

This work makes the viewer desire more story.

I like the way that this short is created to urge the viewer to want to see a continuation of this story. Main character should either end up totally revenged upon and destroyed or allowed to evolve into a higher more noble being or even develop a better raison d'etre.


10! 10!10! 10!10! 10!10! 10!10! 10!10! 10!10! 10!

LOL and in the officially collab thread I think Stamper said to avoid using lesser know characters like T hawk and somebody else. Bu this was truly brilliant!

Your art work is cool. and the best fucking part for me is a toss up between the "You win" sound affect in the beginning and the part where ole Thunder hammers Dalsim. haha!

PS I love you!

lol this was cool

i love the old capcom games, and yeah i agree with toodumbtodie make them longer cos i was just getting into that flash and then it ended :(

hell ya!

this was will awesome.
you should make more but make them longer.