Reviews for "Reservations for None!"

How thats for Irony lol

This is a pretty good flash, and it looked liked it would have been great in the collab, too bad it didn't make it in time, still it will stand out ^_^. and to the idiots that say "this is too short" READ THE COMMENTS!, I mean really, he puts it up there and you all still complain about it being too short, It was meant to be in a collab, and it had a time limit. lol

punbeard81 responds:



the animation was great and every thing else

I liked what I saw and I want More

it was good I could see a series comming out of this flash


You didn't make it in time for the SF collab, and that was probably for the best. I don't know the level of quality the final collab will be, but alone your flash will stand out more than most of the other good ones probably will, and that's good for you.

Probably could make a series out of this, under 30 secs scenes of kickass reserv-action.

Good stuff

Very well done. I think that it was really funny considering it was only 30 seconds. The end song was also very...appropriate