Reviews for "Monkeymetric"

so, so

fine but bad controls (allow using 1,3,7 and 9 from the number keyboard instead) and it gets repetitive after a short while. riddles are hard for monkeys not for men. moreover, not seeing the switches does not mean harder game, just not being in control. which is bad.


i thot this was a awsome game ,the puzzles are cool! and people tat give a 5 for this game u eat crap and drink piss for snak this is POKEDUDE (not mename3isme)


it is an alright game, i did see it to the end but it does get boring and repetitive
one big complaint are the levels where there is no puzzle at all, you just have to wait for the other creatures to move, these were just plain boring
also on the first cake level where you just have to stumble around looking for a switch bored me to tears
this could be better if you added a, you know, an actual challange

Good but..

The controls got on my nerves but apart from that a good game.


this game needed something more, and the controls were weird...hard to get used to. All in all, not a bad game, just needs some more sophistication to the puzzles.