Reviews for "Monkeymetric"


It was ok but i wouldve rather seen a sequel to one of their other games


mename3isme you have a crappy taste and you suck butt from a straw!

Cutesy and easy

Most of the puzzles are way too easy for adults of normal faculties. Notable challenges are "Lava Switch" and "So Close Yet So Far," both of which only required a little extra work on a scratch pad.

I found the controls to be awkward given the game area's lack of perpendicularity in relation to the screen. Even rotating it about the Z-axis a few more degrees would greatly improve the relation between north, south, east, west, and their corresponding keys.

Still, it might make a good game for kids.

Coulda been, wasn't.

Too easy, awkward controls, short gameplay. All simple problems.

2 words

2 word sequal o w8 nvm. 3 words lvl editor.