Reviews for "Monkeymetric"


I think this is really good, but I sometimes it is way too easy.
8/10 4/5


This game is addicting and the music is surprisingly nice, even though robotic. The controls were a bit confusing though.

Hard to get a hang of

The controls were very hard to get used to. For this kind of game, well most of which ive played, have the direction to:

up arrow = north east
right arrow = south east
down arrow = south west
left arrow = north west

I dont know if its me but that setting is so much easier for my brain to cope with. everything seemed perfect to me, the background wasnt too distracting, the music fitted fine, and the concept was pretty cool with simplistic but attractive graphics. Only the controls are an issue for me,so 8/10 and 4/5


a good game!


I knew before i even clicked 'play this game' that it was epic, because armor games never fails to make a great game that revolutionizes something. Epic as usual AG.