Reviews for "Monkeymetric"

Just a bit to easy

This is a really good game but but the easyness spoils it a bit keep it up though

Ok game

Like others have said, the game's too easy. More than that though the levels could have been more creative. A game can be exciting and easy at the same time but this kind of lacked something in the level department. I like the artwork though.

Fantastic little game!

Whilst this game isn't very challenging (with the exception of Lava Switch! *shakes fist*) it is an absolute joy to play in no small part due to it's relentless cuteness.

The style of the game is pretty unique, and the different music/enemies for each world is perfectly suited for it. A couple of the levels seemed like copies of earlier ones, but this didn't matter as it was still very entertaining. Most of the level names also give you small hints on what is needed to complete the level, and this is very useful in some switch based levels (I'm looking at So Near And Yet So Far here!)

the final levels at Chateux au Gataeu are a lot less hectic than those befor ethem, but then by that point the quest as it were is over and now it's all about the cake. And who doesn't like cake?

Perfect way to spend 20-30 minutes!


fun little puzzle :P not too hard though.

very nice game, but..

too many levels are too easy..
also, with the 3D-isometric view of the platform its difficult to see some things.. like the relief and so.. (mind my language, i'm from belgium =) )

but: the lay out is awesome!
its a very nice game and the gameplay is also good..

good job!