Reviews for "Monkeymetric"

My neck is sore.

I played through the first level, and while the gameplay is very enjoyable, my neck grew too sore to continue. Having to keep my neck tilted in order to properly orient the controls is akward at best. Add in the facts that the controls are rotated opposite the standard (generally, diagonal games have the up arrow coorespond to moving the character up right - this game has it move the character up left) and that this game would have functioned at full strength with a top down perspective with no diagonal rotation required, and you get a deal breaker.


Im giving it a 7 because i liked the concept of it but it was all too easy also maybe next time you can make one with less confusing controls.

Could have been better

The only real challenge is that you've made the controlls crappy. Any game is hard when the controlls are hard to get. Once you retrain your self for the diagional grid the game is really dull. Sorry but I just don't see the appeal.

like most ppl

Brilliant visuals, but game play lack difficulty except the one with fire switches which actually involved pan and paper to work it out.
Huge disappointment :/
Remember logic games are not arcade in some levels you just have to press and hold one button WTF!


Game play is incredibly simple, there is no real challenge to it at all, graphics are nothing special, I've seen much better, and controls are absolutely terrible!! They are completely counter-intuitive, and I keep pressing the wrong one.

This could very easily be an okay game, but as it is it's a completely rubbish game!