Reviews for "Monkeymetric"

Has potential

The difficulty didn't increase as the game moved on-- the first levels are about as simple as the last ones. The puzzle ideas are commonly seen in other puzzle games; the concepts should be altered and the puzzles more elaborate.


whos song is that? oh its mine. thanks, but tell me next time dude haha

Pretty cool...

One of the best puzzle games, though I've played only few stages. It's fun :)

Pretty fun game...

but WAY too easy for me.

Waaaay too easy..

I'll be honest, this game had potential, but a lot of the "puzzles" involved waiting for one of those things to step on a button or get out of the way so you can walk by them. It's really not that fun or challenging or... well, a puzzle at all when all you do is either wait or flip switches. There was only one puzzle that made me think a little, and that was one of the last ones.

Also the difficulty, or at least the very small amount of which is inconsistent. It goes from easy to slightly easy to "go-up-and-push-this-to-the-left-and-
you're-done", like the one where you push the icecubes to the side and that's it.

I'm not gonna give it a zero, though. All this game needs is some challenge. Maybe if there was a Monkeymetric 2 or +. The music is nice, too, but to be honest... that's really all there is to it.