Reviews for "Monkeymetric"

Nicely made little game.

Once I'd come to terms with the controls it was quite easy, the only level I had to think about was the 2nd to last. Would be better with a more detailed story behind it and a slight increase in dificulty.


the game involves rotating your head 45 degrees, pressing random switches, hoping they are the right one, and waiting for little computer controlled guys to press a button or get out of your way.

nice engine, but shitty gameplay

Love it!

I love the game, its a great concept, and hard to play while not paying attention xD. With a little work on the actual levels the game would be much harder and more fun but the actual game is great!


am i the only one who thought this game was really boring? why did u just spen 15 mintes of my life playing this?


i hate the controls, but the gaming concept is good