Reviews for "Monkeymetric"


This is quite a nice game, solid gameplay, good puzzles, not too much dieing and no retrying like 500 times. only bad for me was the controls, and the game plays a little too layed back. there should (for me) be a bit more action in it, cuz this just isnt activating. however the gameplay makes up for it a lot. one second bad thing is the control. it just isnt logic.

Damn catchy.

Seen this type of game before, this is one of the best of its kind might i add.
unique characters, solid graphics, solid gameplay and controls. Shouldve put the different types of level creations together. But i also agree with ShatrdSkatr people who rated low are idiots. Great Game!

the game was ok

but the only think thats was bad for me was the comtrol of the game?5/10
graphics cute i love the lill ape ;3 10/10

It was alright...

it was just way too easy.... I suck at puzzle games... but I clered this in like 20 minutes. the only hard level was so close yet so far, because it was all trial and error. Anyway, it was alright... but way to easy.

I swear! These kids who rated low are idiots

You can tell they have never played, hell never heard of Q-Bert in their lives. GREAT game. looks awesome, the controls are SUPER simple. My one and only complaint is I found it really easy lol. Other than that great job! Keep up the great work.