Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"


Just as good as AshfordPride's Phoenix parodies, maybe even better!

I liked this a lot! Keep up the great work!

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks! :D


seeing these almosts makes me wonder about wtf the game is....
you sir have gain mah attention

Haha.. even a lol or 2

Even though Paranoia Agent still freaks me out to this day the selections in your movie made me giggle quite a bit. Thank you good sir.

Nice :)

One thing, in the intro, did you intentionally spell Material wrong as a Final Fantasy Reference, or am I just pointing out an actual mistake...

But yeah, Nice series, this isn't as strong as the first two, but good in it's own right.


fusion-of-flash responds:

hehe glad u liked it. :)

I spelled it like that on purpose ye. Why? Dunno it sounds cooler ^^

XDD Freakzoid Awesomeness

The Freakazoid and Futurama skits just made me die laughing! Excellent choice of parodies!