Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"

i like it

very well thats all i can say

fusion-of-flash responds:

That's all you can say and that's all I need :D

Thank you!

The world needs more phoenix Wrongs! VIVA LA PHOENIX WRONG!

Serously good job on this one, as well as the others, please don't stop man.

fusion-of-flash responds:

Agreed! :D and thanks alot :)

well done

This was awesome, I applaud you on
1. Lip syncing, especially in part 1
2. Keeping the correct resolution
3. Actual humour selection
4. little bits of animation to get emphasis across such as minor stretching...
artist faved

fusion-of-flash responds:

Dude Thanks a bunch! :D

Really grateful about that :)

yay scrubs!

also you put my favorite Family Guy skit in there :D

fusion-of-flash responds:

Great! :D

Thanks for commenting!

Moskau, Moskau, wirf die Gläser an die Wand... :P

Very funny Phoenix Wrong, I liked all the sketches, especially the part with Godot :D
Nicely done, hope to see more like this from you in the future!

PS: Poor pearly having to listen to van Karma's Death Metal. xD

fusion-of-flash responds:

Hehe :P I dont speak german tho I think that song is hilarious anyway xD

Im glad you liked it :)
Ye hehehe poor Pearl indeed ^^