Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"

All of them made me laugh

This is one of the better ones. Everything was in sync and I think you chose very good "themes". A great addition to the series. *recommends for collection*

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks a bunch dude! :D

awsome work

you stayed on point throughout the entire thing... you should do some more .... really enjoyed

fusion-of-flash responds:

Appreciated man!


Awesomness! Anyone who can get Pheonix Wrong and Family Guy in the same movie clip gets my vote! :)

fusion-of-flash responds:

Haha xD Thanks man!

Phoenix wrong cf3

Yay! I not seen a phoenix wrong one for ages. Its about time someone came up with one : D.

Funny stuff man, love the Bender bit at the end, proper funny. the fart one was funny too lol.

Great job!


fusion-of-flash responds:

Ye I hope this will give other inspiration, we must keep Phoenix Wrong alive! :D

Really glad you enjoyed this. Thanks!

i like the the whole thing but.....

wats the name of that metal song

fusion-of-flash responds:

I Will Kill You! >:(

No I won't, that's the title :)

Thanks for the review :D